The role of employer branding

Definition of the employer's brand

It is difficult to disagree with the statement that a strong employer brand allows to gain an advantage over the competition, and thus also high financial results. The same applies to the recruitment of job candidates. A strong, well-established brand puts the employer high among other ideal companies and makes it easier to attract and retain potential talents. Therefore, the employer's branding goal is to build the company's recognition and, in addition, a positive image of the company as a friendly place for employees, eg by introducing a work strategy and life balance.

Employee market and the need to build a positive company image

In the era of record-low unemployment and difficulties in acquiring valuable job candidates, the atmosphere and broadly understood friendly and inspiring employment conditions are decisive. Not only the amount of the remuneration itself, but also the so-called Benefits and development programs have a significant impact on the decision to join a career in a given organization. More and more employers are aware of this. Many companies are beginning to invest in their image and develop strategies for activities related to employer branding.

Why is it worth developing a branding strategy?

The strategy of creating the employer's image should be developed jointly by the management of the PR and HR departments. The adopted assumptions and outline of the strategy should on the one hand consistently cooperate with the external and internal communication of the company, and on the other should be noticeable in the day-to-day operation of the company. However, it is worth to make an effort, because employer branding is an extremely important factor for employers with a strong image who can hire and retain the most talented employees. More motivated employees are not only more efficient and provide better results, but also less staff turnover, especially among the most experienced managers, which gave numerous benefits for the whole organisation.

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