New, higher minimal salary in Poland starts from 2019

Regulation of the labor market and, to some extent, also economic relations between the employee and employer, is necessary and useful. On the other hand, you should also be aware that a company in order to conduct business and further development must have a positive income statement. One of the items often constituting a serious item in the company's costs are remuneration and these are growing rapidly.

Looking at the minimum wage itself from January 1, 2020, the lowest salary for full-time work will already be 2600 PLN gross. It is exactly PLN 350 more than the minimum wage in 2019, and the cost of increasing the salary for the employer is PLN 420 for one employee. As the minimum wage increases, so do the "slightly" higher than the minimum wage. For small businesses, this is a significant burden and risk that can translate into an increase in the prices of services of such a company, which will lead to a decrease in competitiveness. It is difficult to predict the scale of the phenomenon, much depends on the macroeconomic situation. If it continues to be favorable, then salary increases can be borne, if not, then redundancy may occur. Another solution, although a bit problematic, may be an attempt to recruit disabled people to the company. Such employees, apart from some concessions, may also receive wage subsidies and their financial expectations are usually lower. Recently, Poczta Polska has decided to use such a solution.