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30 years of III RP labor market

The last three decades on the Polish labor market have been a period of intense changes. From huge unemployment to the employee market we have been observing for several years. We invite you to read!

Public Relations in Business

Public relations are one of the most important areas in the operation of any company. Although they do not translate directly into current economic results, they play an auxiliary role. PR is all of the company's activities, which are to result in building and maintaining desired relations between the company and its surroundings. Therefore, it is a strive to obtain favorable opinions, create a favorable image of the company and respond appropriately to sometimes unfavorable information and negative phenomena in the company.

The role of employer branding

It is difficult to disagree with the statement that a strong employer brand allows to gain an advantage over the competition, and thus also high financial results. Therefore, the employer's branding goal is to build the company's recognition and, in addition, a positive image of the company as a friendly place for employees, eg by introducing a work strategy and life balance.